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5398Re: [ksurfschool] Chicken loop danger?

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  • amber k
    Sep 25, 2006
      Hey, i am fairly new at the sport and am able to self launch with ease in 7+ knot winds. my problem is self landing the kite, i am using a cabrinha contra with the gen2 recon system. i try landing the kite in the edge of the wind window, but when its windy, the kite always catches and fills with air, then the kite pulls really hard making it difficult to get to the kite and grab it. any suggestions?
      much appreciated,

      hungvu2000@... wrote:
      I the past, with C kites, the chicken loop were dangerous as it is often
      very difficult to get out of the chicken loop when under extreme load.

      So the manufacturers have made it over the years easy to get out of the
      chicken loop (when under heavy loaded or not)

      With the new generation of flat kite, the chicken loop is now the safety
      leash (with a back up safety leash) and it is NO LONGER require to get
      out of the chicken loop when under load because as soon as one let go of
      the bar, the load is often light and one can leisurely get out of the
      chicken loop in light load (I did that yesterday while self landing my
      Waroo 9m in 30+ knots)..

      Personally, it happen to me at least twice that my chicken loop (from at
      least 2 different manufacturers) of my flat kites popped out when under
      extreme load and that make the situation dangerous (the kite powered up
      even more or become uncontrollable). In this situation, the kiter may
      not be in danger but the bystanders may be heavily hit by the kite or
      the kite could hit hard obstacle and get damaged.

      So is it now the time for the manufacturers to consider making the
      chicken loop more heavy duty and difficult to get out under heavy load?


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