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5397Re: [ksurf] Chicken loop danger?

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  • George
    Sep 25, 2006
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      I believe that even for flat/SLE/hybrid
      kites, there is a need to have a way to get out of the

      C-loop, and release to a kite leash. I can see
      a scenario in real gusty conditions, when a flat
      kite starts falling back in the wind window due to
      a major lull, then suddenly a huge gust hits, and
      'Baaam!' Or in the case of a bridle or other kite
      failure where the kite goes into a death-loop and
      cannot be depowered. You need to release the power
      from the C-loop without losing the kite/injuring

      Being lead into this false sense of security with the
      new kites, can actually make them more dangerous than
      C-kites, in the event the 'sh&* hits the fan!"


      --- hungvu2000@... wrote:

      > I the past, with C kites, the chicken loop were
      > dangerous as it is often
      > very difficult to get out of the chicken loop when
      > under extreme load.
      > So the manufacturers have made it over the years
      > easy to get out of the
      > chicken loop (when under heavy loaded or not)
      > With the new generation of flat kite, the chicken
      > loop is now the safety
      > leash (with a back up safety leash) and it is NO
      > LONGER require to get
      > out of the chicken loop when under load because as
      > soon as one let go of
      > the bar, the load is often light and one can
      > leisurely get out of the
      > chicken loop in light load (I did that yesterday
      > while self landing my
      > Waroo 9m in 30+ knots)..
      > Personally, it happen to me at least twice that my
      > chicken loop (from at
      > least 2 different manufacturers) of my flat kites
      > popped out when under
      > extreme load and that make the situation dangerous
      > (the kite powered up
      > even more or become uncontrollable). In this
      > situation, the kiter may
      > not be in danger but the bystanders may be heavily
      > hit by the kite or
      > the kite could hit hard obstacle and get damaged.
      > So is it now the time for the manufacturers to
      > consider making the
      > chicken loop more heavy duty and difficult to get
      > out under heavy load?
      > Hung.

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