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5395Re: [ksurfschool] Begginer - Water Start Information?

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  • George Sarris
    Sep 7, 2006
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      There is some advice on the kitesurfingschool.org web
      site that may prove beneficial. It shows how to in
      light winds and strong wind. Below are some things
      that helped me.

      1. Limit the time you have the kite overhead at the
      zenith when you are putting your feet into the straps.
      In shifting, gusty winds the kite may overfly and
      then "Hindenburg", falling out of the sky. This tip
      is also good for strong gusty winds as you could get
      lofted out of the water. If at all possible, go out
      in steady wind conditions where you are not

      2. In light winds you may have to start the kite at
      around 1 or 2 o'clock diving the kite to 9 o'clock to
      get sufficient power to get you up out of the water.
      In higher winds you can start around 12 o'clock
      (zenith). It's better at first to have less power and
      fall backwards. That way you won't get pulled over
      the board and get dragged with your feet probably
      coming out of the straps. Then you will spend time
      body dragging back to the board.

      3. Wear some type of floatation vest. If you fall
      backwards, it will keep your head above water and
      you'll spend less energy trying to stay afloat. If
      you are using a board leash, be sure to wear a helmet.
      All beginners should wear floatation and a helmet.

      3. You should point the board downwind when you are
      diving the kite to get power. As soon as you are up,
      start edging the board so as not to get overpowered on
      a downwind run. It make take some practice finding
      the balance of power and speed so not to get pulled
      over the board.

      4. Make sure you have plenty of room downwind, several
      hundred yards, in case you go on a downwind run. If
      you do get overpowered, edge hard with your back foot
      and sheet out with the bar.

      Hope this helps and you have good winds.


      --- zack_1246 <Bob@...> wrote:

      > I'm looking for some beginner how-to advice on water
      > starting.
      > Thanks for any advice or links.

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