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5386Too flat versus too C

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  • hungvu2000@rogers.com
    Jul 26, 2006
      Everyone involved with kitesurfing in the early days knows about the
      foil .vs. inflatable battle.

      Foils are too flat and inflatables are too C.

      Foils are more efficient and inflatables are more stable and there is
      this "sled boosting" effect.

      Now with flat LEIs, there may be similar battle between too flat flat
      LEIs (e.g. Bows) and too C flat LEIs (e.g. SLEs)

      I have flown a couple flat LEIs and found that for a too flat LEI, the
      kite is efficient but at the same time very slow turning (similar to
      foil) unless you have a longer bar or a pulley bar

      Of course, too C flat LEI is not as efficient but it has similar effects
      as a classic LEI.

      Wondering which type of flat LEI will win eventually....

      P.S., Personally, I think flatter, more efficient kites (like foil) are
      more for high speed, advanced kiters who want to juice as much power
      from the kite and stable, "sled boosting" kites are more for everyone
      else who simply want to have fun, boosting high and tricks.