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5382Turbo Launcher opens up new kiting spots

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  • hungvu2000@rogers.com
    Jul 22, 2006
      I have been vacationing with the family at Sandbridge, VA in the last
      couple summers.

      In the past, I normally only kite in the Ocean as the Back Bay area has
      no beach and only tiny access spots for canoe or small boat.

      The wind is normall very strong from the S or SW (the dominant wind
      direction for northern hemisphere).

      Today I launch my 9m Waroo myself with the Turbo Launcher from a tiny
      canoe launch at Back Bay across from the Little Island Park (you can pay
      $5 to park in the park or park free on the road side 50m from the park -
      very limited parking spaces here, also watch out for soft sand if you
      don't have 4x4)

      Launching is no problem once you walk your kite out into open water
      around waist deep.

      The kiting was excellent at Back Bay (mostly waist deep), strong, clean
      wind and pretty flat water.

      Two other kiters joined me afterward, they did have the Turbo Launcher
      but they had two and helped each other to get launch.

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