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5362Re: [ksurfschool] Im eager to get into the sport and have some questions

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  • matt marek
    Jun 20, 2006
      hi marin,
      i am in the same boat as you...looking to get into
      this sport. first off, i would recommend you do a few
      classes or a course. i've taken one lesson already.
      do it for your safety and the integrity of the sport.
      the reason some beaches have banned kite surfing is
      due to accidents that have involved the public. it
      can be a very dangerous sport if you do not know what
      you're doing. the cost of a couple classes will be
      well more than the amount saved on damaging your own
      gear, plus it will help you choose what gear to
      purchase and save you from purchasing something

      i've seen kiters at cherry beach and have also been
      told that ash bridges bay is decent. as to whether
      they will be out this weekend, will depend on the
      wind. not sure about areas closer to oakville.

      i believe i've heard that some kite surfers make do
      with their wakeboard until they save up for a kite

      --- marin_michael <marin_michael@...> wrote:

      > I am looking to get into the exciting sport of kite
      > surfing.
      > My first and most important question is whether
      > there is any decent
      > places around toronto for the sport. I was told
      > cherry beach allows
      > kitesurfers, is it true? Is there anything closer to
      > oakville?
      > My second questions is whether I really need a
      > training kite.
      > Investing in one, I would probably end up playing
      > with it for a week
      > and then moving on to a "real" kite anyway. Is it
      > worth to invest in
      > a training kite or can I do without?
      > Everyone talks about equipment. I found a decent
      > equipment new for
      > $849. Can anyone recommend any not too expensive
      > equipment? Would
      > you recommend I get just the kite and bar for
      > now...then the harness
      > then the board? Can I use a regular wakeboard if I
      > have one?
      > If I go to cherry beach this weekend, will I be
      > seeing alot of
      > kiteboarders? Is it a big sport around toronto?
      > Should I be ok with on kite or do I need to get more
      > then one?
      > Please let me know.
      > Thanks,
      > Mike

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