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5361Im eager to get into the sport and have some questions

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  • marin_michael
    Jun 19, 2006
      I am looking to get into the exciting sport of kite surfing.

      My first and most important question is whether there is any decent
      places around toronto for the sport. I was told cherry beach allows
      kitesurfers, is it true? Is there anything closer to oakville?

      My second questions is whether I really need a training kite.
      Investing in one, I would probably end up playing with it for a week
      and then moving on to a "real" kite anyway. Is it worth to invest in
      a training kite or can I do without?

      Everyone talks about equipment. I found a decent equipment new for
      $849. Can anyone recommend any not too expensive equipment? Would
      you recommend I get just the kite and bar for now...then the harness
      then the board? Can I use a regular wakeboard if I have one?

      If I go to cherry beach this weekend, will I be seeing alot of
      kiteboarders? Is it a big sport around toronto?

      Should I be ok with on kite or do I need to get more then one?

      Please let me know.


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