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5353Re: [ksurfschool] Body drag upwind or swim

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  • George Sarris
    Jun 8, 2006
      How do you like the 16m Waroo? Have you ever flown a
      20m Waroo? If so, how did it perform (wind range,
      speed, handling, etc.) in comparison with the 16m?


      --- hungvu2000@... wrote:

      > I was out today with the 16m Waroo, had a big wipe
      > out and was around 10
      > - 20 m down wind of my board.
      > The board was upside down so almost stationary at
      > the same spot.
      > Then the wind started dropping and after a couple
      > body drag upwind, I
      > was only a couple meters closer to the board.
      > Fed up, I put the kite at neutral and did a few back
      > strokes with both
      > arms and legs toward the board.
      > I got to the board in a few seconds after that.
      > With flat kites, we have the option to do either or
      > both...
      > Hung.

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