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  • hungvu2000@rogers.com
    May 28, 2006
      I am planning to write a section on Kiteboating at the Kitesurfing
      School web site http://kiteboardingschool.org/kiteboating.htm so we (2
      kiters) tried a standard Laser sailboat with a 12m Waroo in light wind
      around 7 knots over the week-end.

      After 2 failed attempts of kiteboating with the kite attached to one of
      us (we got pull off the boat), we tried attaching the kite to the center
      block of the Laser and it worked very nicely.

      We could do everything (down wind, upwind, jibe, kiteloop and even stop
      the boat by swinging the kite backward) except for relaunching the kite
      (the wind was too light perhaps).

      We will try it in stronger wind to see how the relaunching will work.

      Kiteboating is definitly a great things to do when you want to go kiting
      with a friend ...