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5329Re: [ksurfschool] Any reason not to use a wakeboard?

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  • DeniseSEWA@Aol.com
    Apr 4, 2006
      In a message dated 4/4/2006 3:46:03 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
      huibraddah@... writes:

      Hi...i'm an expert windsurfer/wave sailor, very advanced wakeboarder
      but new to kiteboarding. I've flown power snow kites and paragliders
      so i'm ok with the kite thing. I was hoping to use my wakeboard rather
      than drop another $300-$600 on a kiteboard, but someone told me it wont
      work well. Is this true? Why not? I've checked out some kiteboards
      and don't see much discernable difference? Please advise.

      I have a Liquid Force Subjekt wakeboard 137...54" long and 17" wide.
      The 4 fins are small, but arc'ed for pretty good hold.

      Thanks for any advice you can offer.


      unless you are WAY powered up wakeboards have too much rocker and tend to be
      narrow at the tips, I have used wakebaords and even went through the trouble
      of cutting to remove some of the rocker, the design parameters for straight
      line pull verses that of a kite differ in board design, your ability to go
      upwind will suffer as well as the abilty to glide through lulls, most newer
      style kiteboards have a straighter outline and are much flatter, bigger fins
      allow you to carve upwind without edging so hard as too lose drive. anyway, the
      money I spent trying to save the cost of a good board went pretty much
      where you ride also dictates what board shape will work best, ie, flat
      water in gusty conditions would require a flater rocker and straighter outline,
      in surf or choppy conditions a rounder outline with a bit of rocker and some
      tip kick might work best, my advice would be to try to use several different
      boards ( most kiters will let you give their board a try) or, if thats not
      possible look at a " spleene session 141" and copy it from plywood, cheap and it
      works in most conditions ( although kinda heavy made of ply). I've owned a
      dozen or so boards and my home made balsawood board is my favorite.
      just my two cents, hope it helps.


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