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5309Winterlude 2006 Kite Demo Report

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  • hungvu2000@rogers.com
    Feb 14, 2006
      Following the success of the 2005 Winterlude Kite Demonstration event,
      the school Kitesurfingschool.org Ottawa (VL Kites) and the NCC again
      teamed up to organize a kite demonstration event for Winterlude 2006 on
      Feb 11 and 12. Again, this is the world first large scale winter kite
      demonstration event for a very large number of non-kiter audiences,
      fully insured with $2,000,000 public liability insurance. Due to the
      large number of surrounding audiences, only instructors or riders with
      more than 3-year experiences were invited to ride in the event.

      The main objectives of the event are to:

      1. Show the northern climate way of life
      2. Promote kiting to a very large group of non-kiters (650,000+)
      3. Make kiting a legitimate and official sport.

      The event was fully supported by the kite manufacturers and the kite

      Full report and lots of photos at