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5295SV: [ksurfschool] Where are we?

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  • jakob Thegerström
    Dec 18 11:50 PM

      I can't really agree on all these conclusions.

      - Foils have been defeated

      I think that thanks a lot to the amazing developpment
      of flat foils and especially the flysurfer kites, tube
      manufacturers "had" to make a flat kite (more
      accessible and safer, not more performance as I've
      understand it).

      The fs speed foil still got the best L/D ratio... I
      think it's just a matter of time before they take the
      speed record on first snow (I think they already have
      it with 108km/h) and when on water as soon as they
      find a good enough rider for this purpose...

      For winter use foils are by far the first choice for
      serious snowkiting. This is mainly due to the ease of
      handling on ground. (Arcs and tubes are simply not
      convenient for launching & landing on snow + the mess
      of pumping up a LEI with freezing fingers).

      - Arc is a bit weak

      The arc concept doesn't seam to be fully developped. I
      think this is due to the small size of the peterlynn
      company and also to an exclusive license in the
      technology that doesn't push for R&D. (what would have
      happened to the tubes if we only had wipika as
      exclusive producer?!?) Although the arc kites are bad
      in low winds they are superior to traditional C kites
      in the upper wind ranges, and in gusty wind
      conditions. If you read the last "developpment" on
      arcusers you will also see that there seam to be a lot
      of possibilities to increase low end on these kites.

      well if you want to convince me of the opposite you
      have to give me arguments ;)


      In 1998 a large number of kitesurfing pioneers started
      learning the
      sport and many have argued that was the year
      kitesurfing "really started".

      Now it is somewhat 7 years old. Some info:

      - The original patent has expired
      - The new flat inflatable kite is getting more
      - Foils have been defeated
      - Arc is a bit weak
      - Kiteski (water) is gone
      - Kiteship or kiteboat is still limited and somewhat
      - A new innovation for kiteship or kiteboat is
      needed to make it more
      - Kitesnowboarding and kiteskiing is even more
      popular than
      kitesurfing in colder climate
      - 2,320,000 sites found on Google for "kitesurfing"
      (only 1,220,000
      for "kiteboarding")
      - 3 top kitesurfing sites on Google:
      http://kitesurfing.com (Don's
      site?), http://kitesurfingschool.org (Opensource
      kitesurfing site) and
      http://kitesurfing.org (British Kitesurfing


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