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5201LE diameter size

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  • Hung Vu
    Jun 2, 2005
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      I played around with some airfoil analysis and by reducing the leading
      edge diameter from 10% to 5% of chord, the maximum L/D ratio of the
      airfoil increases from 115 to 126 (induced drag is not included) and the
      maximum Lift Coefficient increases from 1.57 to 1.79.

      So it's around 10% to 15% increase in airfoil performance for both
      maximum L/D and Lift by reducing the LE diameter in half.

      I also increased the LE diameter to 15% and the result was not very
      desirable so you definitely don't want to go there.

      P.S., These numbers should be taken as an approximate.

      P.P.S, The airfoil moment (tendency to flip over the nose) is slightly
      more stable with smaller LE diameter

      P.P.P.S., Most modern LE diameter on market is around 9 or 10% of chord.


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