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  • Rick Iossi
    May 3, 2005
      I picked up an intriguing new product at the Islamorada Invitational 2005,
      the Turbolauncher. I am looking forward to trying it out particularly in
      tighter setup areas and those with snags in the setup zone, like much of the
      Florida Keys (e.g. coral boulders, plants, lights, posts, etc.). You still
      need to walk offshore to develop an adequate downwind buffer to launch but
      it should allow skipping some of the snags and hassle during setup.

      The Turbolauncher website ( http://kitelauncher.com/ ) listed the following

      "Their are many advantages to the new Turbolauncher to help get you out
      there enjoying the wind and waves quicker.
      Safety launching system-ensures quick,tangle free line run-out

      An effective and safe kite launching system for use from shallow water,
      beaches that are to small to set up your lines or rocky, sharp areas that
      may affect you by catching on your lines. This is the time to use the

      Line management system-keeps lines tangle free with easy to use line

      Line storage system-safely stores lines in "ready to go" mode all the time,
      giving you Turbolaunch time when you get to the beach!

      More info and setup photos appear at:

      What experiences have folks had using the Turbolauncher?

      FKA, Inc.

      transcribed by:
      Rick Iossi