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5188Re: questions about type, brand, size, ect of gear for a beginner

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  • ex_cpe
    May 1 5:10 AM
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      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, "s2theniggle" <scrick01@h...> wrote:
      > As i am new and have not yet purchased gear what sizes, brands, types,
      > ect. of equipment should i get? Like how big of a kite for example. And
      > besides Ebay does anyone have suggestions of where to get cheap gear?

      You have asked: "Should I fly to London?" Proably not if you live in Dorset..

      You could be a 29 year old Bombay bride, 50kg, who's never been let out of the house, or
      a 100kg mogul skier for the past ten years?!

      "It depends"...

      There are generalities, but for anyone other than a palm-reader at this point would be a
      waste of keystrokes.

      ....I've sold stuff on Ebay and bought some - but I know exactly what I wanted/needed and
      how much it should have cost. You're better off with ikitesurf.com or the used section
      over at kiteforum.com - people like us. Ebay marketing tends to attract some people with
      unclean hands. ....hell, just ask any local kiters; there's always someone who's got too
      many kites. You'll make a needed friend at the same time.

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