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5166FKA KITEBOARDING UPDATE - April 16, 2005!

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  • Rick Iossi
    Apr 16, 2005
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      The spring is easing on and those frontal winds keep coming through. Life
      is good!

      More good things to come is the FOURTH Islamorada Invitational this week
      down in the Florida Keys,
      April 20 - 24, 2005.

      More about this years events and tons of photos from past years appear at:

      Kiteforum is down temporarily for some upgrading. Need a net fix now? Why
      not tune in
      your own Florida site and toss out details those epic riding sessions, gear
      and travel
      questions ... It is all there at: http://fksa.org/

      While you are there why not swap stories with the local crew. Individual
      forums have been
      setup for all four quadrants of the state at:

      The guys put on ANOTHER insane party at Automatic Slims in Ft. Lauderdale.
      The photo
      crunching is still going on for this one but stay tuned, these shots are
      going to be worth a
      look! In the meantime checkout the last party, it was great as well!

      An overview of the recent shark migrations off the east coast with some
      aerial photos too.

      Wonder about average monthly wind speeds around Florida? There is a summary
      of wind
      data for specific locations going back quite a few years at:

      Want to try to figure out when the next front is going to turn the winds on,
      is there a
      squall line in the works? Checkout the following for some ideas on what to
      look for during
      the cooler months:

      and lots more ...

      FKA, Inc.

      transcribed by:
      Rick Iossi