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5118Re: [ksurfschool] Trainer kites

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  • Cal Bode
    Feb 3, 2005
      Trainer kites are helpful. They help you learn how to
      fly your kite before you're ready to fly the big one.
      Unfortunately after you fly learn to fly the big ones,
      the smaller ones aren't as useful. I have a used air
      rush 3m that I'd sell to you for $95 including
      shipping. It's in good shape and taught me how to fly
      the kite without lessons.

      Generally there are no real restrictions. It's as if
      you are flying a regular kite. You're going to need
      to go to a Park or other open area as the lines are

      --- lilguyp <gpisani@...> wrote:

      > I am a absolute beginner - not even, I'm thinking
      > about it. My
      > question is: Since the first step in learning how
      > to kiteboard is
      > learning how to fly a traction kite, does it make
      > sense for me to buy
      > a trainer kite and fly it for a while? If it did
      > make sense, what is
      > a good trainer kite? I've read about Sling Shot's
      > Wasp and B-series
      > as good training kites - I'm sure there are others.
      > Last question
      > and it may be ridiculous - can I learn to fly these
      > kites in an open
      > field/park provided there is enough wind? Are there
      > restrictions on
      > flying these kites - I'm talking above and beyond
      > flying them near
      > people, power lines, trees, roads, etc.
      > Thanks,
      > Guy

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