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5117Trainer kites

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  • lilguyp
    Feb 3, 2005
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      I am a absolute beginner - not even, I'm thinking about it. My
      question is: Since the first step in learning how to kiteboard is
      learning how to fly a traction kite, does it make sense for me to buy
      a trainer kite and fly it for a while? If it did make sense, what is
      a good trainer kite? I've read about Sling Shot's Wasp and B-series
      as good training kites - I'm sure there are others. Last question
      and it may be ridiculous - can I learn to fly these kites in an open
      field/park provided there is enough wind? Are there restrictions on
      flying these kites - I'm talking above and beyond flying them near
      people, power lines, trees, roads, etc.

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