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5114Four Clobbered By Cold Front

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  • Rick Iossi
    Jan 25, 2005
      "A powerful cold front was predicted to move into Southern Florida bringing
      strong winds 30 to 35 mph out of the Northwest yesterday, (Sunday, Jan. 23,

      (figure omitted)

      Lots of riders had been following the forecast for several days in advance.
      An experienced rider had just arrived at the beach at about 9:00 am. The
      launch was on the west coast of Florida. He noticed a line of black clouds
      moving in from the NW. He assumed that this was the leading edge of the long
      awaited cold front. He noticed four young guys out on the water ranging
      approximately 15 to 18 years old, on 12 to 15 m kites with a max. weight of
      about 150 lbs. They guys were out in approximate 12 mph winds, in sunny
      conditions and were somewhat underpowered.

      The experienced rider walked up to another guy on the beach who apparently
      knew the riders on the water. He pointed out the black menacing cloud line
      moving in and suggested that he call his friends into shore to land/secure
      their kites. The guy blew off the warning, saying �they�re good riders, they
      can handle it.�

      (figure omitted)

      The leading edge of the cold front arrived at about 9:30 am, it rained for
      less than a minute and the wind spiked to 27 to 30 mph +. It changed
      direction from west to northwest from observations at the beach. All four
      guys were almost instantly lofted while riding in the shallow waters of the
      sound inside the sand bar. Some tried to keep their kites low to the water
      and succeeded in having their boards ripped away and body dragging across
      the water at about 25 mph out of control. Other guys were popped to about 20
      ft. off the water and falling back into a couple of feet of water.

      (continued ...)

      Lots more info, figures, etc. at:


      FKA, Inc.

      transcribed by:

      Rick Iossi
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