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  • ex_cpe
    Jan 2, 2005
      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, "Brian and Kimberly" <excelwithbrandkb@y...>
      > Hi There
      > My husband and I are considering taking up this exciting newer sport,
      > but we have a few questions. First of all we live in Michigan on a
      > decent sized inland lake. Both of us have experience w/ wakeboarding.
      > Here are my questions...
      > 1. Can we share a kite? There is about a 70lb differnce in weight and
      > 6" difference in height between the 2 of us. We were told to get a
      > 12m kite for me and a 14m kite for him- can we just get a 14m kite
      > and I can use it at a shorter line length?
      > 2. He has experience flying double handled kites, and is pretty good
      > at it. I have never flown a kite before. Is it totally necessary to
      > buy a trainer kite? If so, will we ever use it again after learning
      > the art of being out on the water w/ the real equipment?
      > 3. We live in Michigan and are going to be traveling to South Padre,
      > Texas in February where we are planning on trying the sport for the
      > first time. We want to take lessons- any suggestions on good but
      > affordable instructors or schools down there?
      > Thanks so much!

      .........counterpoint to the instructors who basically only see people learning to walk the
      first time - when this is a running sport, and people who will fiddle their time away with
      little kites 'on the beach' (which happens to be THE single most dangerous place for us)
      I'd say; do not buy anything beyond a teeny little 2-line kite that you can give to some kid
      to play with later. Small kites, outside snow and landboards, are generally useless to most

      Focus completely on your trip to Padre...don't get sucked into those multi-kite 'deals'
      beforehand...and don't learn bad habits, like many of us did, in the backyard. There's
      plenty of good resources down there - one I'd look into is Jeff Howard. He's the ponytailed
      guy on the Boost instruction videos and probably one of the more honest guys in the
      trade. Google him to find the name of his shop. You'd also have a good instruction in any
      of a number of spots in Hatteras, but not in Feb - it's too frickin cold.

      Have fun - safely.

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