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5090Re: [ksurfschool] power & depower

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  • George Sarris
    Jan 1, 2005
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      Pulling in the depower strap has the effect of
      depowering the kite, which is more for fine tuning the
      power of the kite and when launching and landing
      (depower as much as possible with the strap and then
      unhook completely from the bar). Always launch and
      land unhooked. Pulling in on the depower strap causes
      the kite to fly more from the front lines. When you
      let the bar out, it also depowers the kite, although
      more than the depower strap does, depending on the
      amount of adjustment the depower strap has.
      --- kent larson <cklarson@...> wrote:

      > I am a newby, just took lessions from Ikarus in
      > playa del carmen, I
      > have a question on the power-depower strap and
      > sheeting the bar in
      > and out, are these ajustments close to being the
      > same? (power wise)
      > Pulling and releaseing the strap
      > and bar in and bar out, (not going into how the kite
      > is trimed,
      > keeping it simple) say you do one or the other? does
      > the kite seem
      > to have the same depower from each? or power up?
      > thanks............

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