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5059Shorter lines for stronger wind.

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  • Hung Vu
    Nov 7, 2004
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      The water is very cold now and I was surpirse to see a few kiters out at
      Britannia around 3:00PM today.

      By the time I got my equipment to the beach around 4 something, the wind
      picked up to pretty strong.

      I rigged a 5.0, launched it and was overpowered, not that overpowered
      but since I was a bit out-of-shape, I decided to drop it to use shorter

      So I rerigged the kite with 20m lines and was pretty comfortable with
      the condition (average 30 to 35 knots and gust 40 to 45 knots) and ride
      until dark.

      I suspect the drop from 25m to 20m lines more or less make my 5.0 acts
      like a 4.0

      P.S., Normally I don't kitesurf after Haloween so this is an exception
      for me.

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