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5008Shorter .vs. longer line length

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  • Hung Vu
    Sep 29, 2004
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      Having used 0m to 50m line length for various form of kiting, here are
      my comments:

      1- Different line length DOES make a difference
      2- You can go as short as 0m line length for kiteskiing (up to a
      certain size only)
      3- You can go as short as 15m line length for kitesurfing (shorter
      than that it becomes pretty tough and not ideal for the average kiters
      in average conditions)
      4- You can probably go as long as you want but for jumping 40 - 45 m
      seems to be the max

      If I can take only 1 kite with me in a trip, I would definitely take 2
      set of lines (20m lines and 27m line)

      I can't say whether John's formula of "3m of line is equivalent to1m of
      kite" is exact or not, but it should be a very good approximation...


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