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4980A dangerous sport ???

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  • Hung Vu
    Sep 4, 2004
      In the past, almost everyone considered kiting as a dangerous sport
      (probably due to not sufficient data nor awareness)

      Similarly, We did the same on http://kitesurfingschool.org and paid
      quite a bit of attention on safety.

      The combined effort of many kiters and manufacturers seems pay off
      nicely as most kiters and manufacturers is now aware of the safety
      issues of kiting and works on improving the safety of the sport.

      While labeling kiting as a "dangerous sport" helps kiters to be aware of
      the safety issues, it also create an "extreme", "rebellious" image of
      the sport. This "extreme", "rebellious" image of the sport may have
      been used by some local authority as an argument to ban kiting at some

      The reality is that kiting can be a very safe sport compared to the
      others. Locally, We have been kiting around here since 1998 and until
      now haven't had a single serious accidents compare to snowboarding which
      had quite a few accidents in its first few years of introduction to the
      local scence. (last March, a snowboarding instructors hit me in the back
      while I was snowboarding with my son and I had to stay in bed for 3 weeks)

      Kiting has been mature so much now with a networks of schools across the
      globe and online information such as kitesurfingschool.org that can
      guide newbies through the safety issues of the sport.

      We will continue to spread the awareness and work on improving the
      safety issues but the information is fairly readily available now at
      schools and online sites. Maybe it's time to drop the "dangerous sport"
      label for kiting?

      Maybe it's time to use the following phrase to describe kiting safety:
      "Kiting is a reasonable safe sport as long as one follows proper safety
      guidelines ..."

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