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  • ex_cpe
    Sep 2, 2004
      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, "Scott" <wind.snow@v...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone,
      > I'm pretty new to kiting, took a lesson an been out 3 or 4
      > times. I can get up on the board and ride both directions but still
      > dump the kite a bit and havent gotten upwind. I was using a
      > wakeboard before but now I got myself a nice naish board. I noticed
      > it had leash attachment point on the back. Do you guys and gals
      > use leashes and if so what kind. I've used a surfboard leash before
      > and havent had any problems but I'm guessing if it's too short I
      > could get a nice slingshot action right at me.

      Don't use a leash. I use a leash. FOR SURE don't use a urethane surf leash. While you're
      getting a high-speed faceplant, you board is aligning itself for a shot at your head. ...and,
      No; a longboard leash isn't any safer - you just live a nanosecond longer.

      I use a reel leash from NSI in the ocean. I've lost a board in the Atlantic because my head
      was 4" above choppy waves and I couldn't see the dark Maroon shape. I also don't like the
      damn board taking a hike down the beach in the rip while I'm stumbling out of the water
      with an angry chunk of nylon in the air. ....and, if I'm feeling lazy, or the wind is offshore
      Bayside, I may still use it. I also "always" use a helmet! ...the helmet has become like
      seatbelts in my car.

      The pisser about no-leash in the learning period is all the damn time you spend fishing for
      your board when the kite seems to always pull you the other way. Flip the board over
      while you are fixing your tie - it won't drift off quite so fast.


      Also does anyone
      > carry one of those hook knives? if so where do you where it? On your
      > harness? Thanks for your advise.

      ............I carry a machete in the truck, but haven't needed a knife in the water yet. The
      fear-dream I have: getting rolled in the shorebreak with hot lines around me...

      Scott - have fun.

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