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4973Board Leash

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  • Scott
    Sep 1, 2004
      Hello everyone,
      I'm pretty new to kiting, took a lesson an been out 3 or 4
      times. I can get up on the board and ride both directions but still
      dump the kite a bit and havent gotten upwind. I was using a
      wakeboard before but now I got myself a nice naish board. I noticed
      it had leash attachment point on the back. Do you guys and gals
      use leashes and if so what kind. I've used a surfboard leash before
      and havent had any problems but I'm guessing if it's too short I
      could get a nice slingshot action right at me. Also does anyone
      carry one of those hook knives? if so where do you where it? On your
      harness? Thanks for your advise.

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