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4921Re: Large bidirectional .vs. diretional for light wind

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  • hungvuatnetcomdotca
    Jul 18 9:23 AM
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      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, "ex_cpe" <wetstuff@i...> wrote:
      > .........Did anyone weigh you? Hung - how much wet? I'm one of the
      few 'lightwinds fools'
      > in my area but I've got about 195lbs of mass to extract from the
      water. I kept buying
      > larger kites: R20..18M ARC with little improvement. The best grunty
      kite I have now is a
      > R16 with a bar that's about 3' long and a spiffy front tube bridle
      > I found the big kites were soooo slow that I could not get any AW
      with them. A 16 for me
      > is faster and I can sine the hell out of it on the long bar - then
      milk the power spikes. My
      > rule-of-thumb is: if the kite will go to zenith - I can at least do
      a downwinder. How's that
      > for Jones'n for a kitesurf?
      > .....but one of us here has to be able to run the math of how many
      newtons it takes to get
      > my bigass out of the water compared to your lean frame.


      Don't give up hope. I am 125 lbs and used to be "the" lightwind kiter
      around here until one winter day this year I was out with my 16m kite
      and snowboard and was "out run and out jumped" by a heavier kiter (180
      lbs) on a 18m kite and skis. following is his post on our local group:

      After today I realized that you hardly need any wind
      to have a lot of fun kiteskiing or snowboarding, all
      you need is a decent sized kite. I was probably
      getting more hang time today on my 18 than I was last
      Saturday on the 9.8m. I'm beginning to almost look
      forward to these nice light days.

      So it's all about using the right set of equipment (and looking for
      them to). The same kiter who "out ran" me in light wind on that day
      was strugglling the year before with another 19m kite (same set of
      skis I believe).

      Personally I have used a number of 16m kites and only 1 that I prefer
      in light wind.

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