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  • hungvuatnetcomdotca
    Jul 3, 2004

      Here are my general comments (trying not to be biased to any company):

      1- LEI has dominated the kitesurfing scene (even the first kitesurfing
      foil company, Concept Air, has abandoned their water kites and now
      distributing Wipika LEI)

      2- Foils are still very popular among kiteskiers due to their
      exceptional speed (speed that scares..); however LEIs have become more
      and more popular among kitesnowboarders due to their ease of jumping
      and long hang time. [Note: kitesurfing speed record should be broken
      by a foil - yes, a non-water-relauncheable one - not a LEI]

      3- A smaller board needs a bigger kite and a bigger board need a
      smaller kite. Board of the same surface needs similar kite size
      (longer/narrower board is better for cruising and high jumping,
      shorter/fatter board is better for tricks).

      4- Newer kites (both foils and LEIs) are ALWAYS better than older ones
      (must be something to do with the deformation of the kite after
      months/years of use ???)

      5- For most kiters, most (if not all) modern LEI kites are good enough
      (or more than enough) for everyday kiting; however, some very well
      designed LEI kites can offer some very nice features (they are many
      but if you need them then you probably have enough experience and
      knowledge to judge and look for them...)

      6- Modern LEI kites can depower much more than older ones so make sure
      your trim strap and/or chicken loop is long enough (e.g. I am hanging
      onto 9m modern LEI in wind stronger than I normally used the 5.5 Naish
      or 6.5m LEI in the past)

      7- The current trend is to go for shorter/fatter board for tricks;
      however, longer/narrower board (of the same surface area) can hold as
      much power and the jump can be "too high for comfort".


      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, George Sarris
      <jakefarley2000@y...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I'm still pretty much a newbie at kitesurfing and I
      > don't have much experience with different
      > equipment/manufacturers. I have four boards. Three
      > are homemade (see attachment) and one is an old
      > directional. I have 3 kites - a 2001 Cabrinha BT
      > 15.5/21.5 (still holds air), a 2002 Airush Lift
      > 12.2/15.2 and a 2000 Wipika LTR 8.5/11.5.
      > What I would like to know is what others are riding
      > and flying and why they prefer a specific type of
      > board and kite.
      > Cheers,
      > George (aka "Jake")
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