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4888Long chicken loop would have been handy....

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  • ex_cpe
    Jun 23, 2004
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      Hung: Your idea would have come in handy yesterday. I kept flying a GK-14 as the wind
      increased to 20+ and after stuffing a jump/loft became un hooked. The kite was directly
      overhead and now flying on the back lines with the C-loop up at the bar. It has a
      suprising amount of pull in this position!

      I'm one who may still be able to do a few, maybe a couple...at least one?!...one-handed
      pullup, but I was unable to get my waist high enough in the air (pullups to your chest are a
      different geometry..) to hook back in.

      ....the obvious, simple answer is to knot my C-loop line and limit the travel, but I still like
      your long-loop solution - I figure the weight of the loop would have be better than the