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4858RE: [ksurfschool] Weight x Kite x Wind x Board x HELP!!!

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  • Sax, Steve, M.D.
    May 31, 2004
      Howdy Steve,

      I'm 225 so I know what you're in for. I recently got rid of my quiver of
      kites (8, 10, 14, and 17) and now have only a 15 and a 19 meter kite. I have
      a huge board (180 cm) and a moderate board (147 cm). I am a low intermediate
      (stay upwind, make 70% of my transitions, any jumps are minimal, accompanied
      by whimpering). I am able to kiteboard in winds from 8-24 kts with this
      setup. Above 25 kts, I would need a smaller kite, and since:
      a. that occurs rarely in Houston, TX
      b. above 25 kts mistakes are magnified
      c. I'm 48 and want to do this for at least 20 more years
      I just watch everybody else. With a 12 m kite you are going to be
      underpowered in most conditions, and when there is adequate wind it will be
      scary for a beginner; I think you need a larger kite before you switch
      boards. With your weight and good technique, you'll be able to hold down and
      edge your big board longer than your mates will think you can. Hope this
      helps. ---Steve Sax

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      From: Steve Warner [mailto:thejedi05@...]
      Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2004 9:09 AM
      To: ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [ksurfschool] Weight x Kite x Wind x Board x HELP!!!

      Hi all,

      With regards to the discussion thats already taking place on kite
      size against body size against wind speed, can any of the
      experienced riders or pros in the group find out the best variables
      [Weight x Kite x Wind (x board?)] and post them in the database or
      make one up in a spread sheet. If anyone does have the info and not
      the time to create the database send the info to me and I will do it
      for the group.
      I think for the newbies, me included, having this info at hand and
      on screen makes it easier to digest and work out too.
      I'm 230 pounds. [no comments about 100 meter kites and tornado winds
      needed for me please! lol!] I bought on impulse a 12 meter airmax
      kite and also have a directional board though I long for the
      wakeboard style but do not have the capital to buy one yet. [Why
      are Kiteboards so expensive compared to wakeboards and any Cornwall
      kitesurfers with one they are practically giving away please email
      I do have a wakeboard but don't want to look a plonker amongst those
      on the beach with there fancy boards so I guess the directional is
      my only option at present.
      I have had my 12m kite airborn a few times on the beach so far, I
      might add though I am this week taking my first lessons from an
      instructor in Cornwall UK. I have enough money for a couple of days
      tuition but is there a recommended dosage of lessons needed or is it
      a case of two days and then just keep trying on my own? [or with a
      buddy preferably]
      Also I expect the course/tuition to be the wakeboard style of
      kiteboarding orientated so is there a massive difference between
      that and the directional board style? I do know about the turns,
      feet swapping etc and my 'Boost 2 DVD' seems to make sort of a
      simple task.
      Living in Cornwall and having two coastlines [lucky me] it isn't
      such a job to find a place with the right wind though it is a
      surfing haven and with that sometimes large wave conditions, so do
      those of you with similar, alternate between board types depending
      on wave and general water conditions.

      S**T, I think I will need a computer to work all this out! lol!!!

      Steve.. [aka.. TJ..!]

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