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  • ex_cpe
    May 28, 2004
      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, "btorreyson3" <btorreyson3@y...> wrote:
      > I took a 3 part lesson in Aruba and now I'm hooked. I live in NY
      > with access to a NJ beach right outside of Atlantic City. I'm
      > looking for gear to try and get start on my own. Can anyone
      > recommend any gear I need to get started.
      > I'm 200 lbs, I've flown stunt kites and within 15 minutes had the
      > trainer kite down. Had a blast with the body dragging. The
      > instructor told be I have good kite control. The third lesson I had
      > a little wind day with a 9mm kite so I never did get up on the board.
      > I also ski and snowboard in the winter.
      > Bill

      ...........Bill: You'll get nowhere but busted with a 9M kite. It takes winds (with your
      weight) that would be dangerous at your skill level. Find a bayside location where you can
      stand, pick a 10-12kt day (gust free prefered), and get a 14-16M kite. Set the lines on
      the slow settings...use a 150+ board and you'll end up with a head full of stoke - you'll be
      looking for waterfront property at the end of the day.

      Play hard - safely.


      BTW ....instructors are like prostitutes. They are paid to say: "You the Man!"
      (in humor...please)
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