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4838Re: Need Help to get started

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  • mopman365
    May 27, 2004
      > I'm 200 lbs, I've flown stunt kites and within 15 minutes had the
      > trainer kite down. Had a blast with the body dragging. The
      > instructor told be I have good kite control. The third lesson I
      > a little wind day with a 9mm kite so I never did get up on the

      Hi Bill,

      I weigh the same as you. Trust me, with a 9mm kite you're going
      nowhere ;-).
      It sounds to me like you have the kite skills to try the board now.

      > For your
      > weight I'm
      > guessing a 12-14 would be the recommended general purpose
      > size. Go for
      > a 9 instead.

      I wouldn't. To get your weight out the water with a 9m kite will
      take more than 18 knots of wind. Small kites in heavy winds is
      tricky. I'd check with the locals and find out what size they use
      most (ask someone that's same weight as you). Then get a free-ride
      kite like Boxer / Aero 2 / Wook / Vegas / whatever of that size BUT,
      start flying it in lighter winds initially. Keep in mind that you'll
      need a bit more power to get onto the board the first few sessions.
      Get a helmet, no board leash, emergency release chicken loop, and
      have fun.


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