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4835Re: [ksurfschool] Need Help to get started

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  • Iain Wood
    May 26, 2004
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      One thing my instructor said was "Strap a board on your feet and your
      kite flying will go to shit". He was right. If you get the chance of
      more instruction, or help from a more experienced kite-surfer then take

      If you decide to go it alone, then I would recommend that you get a
      smaller kite than normal. You need to be safe and confident, and it's
      easier to do with a kite that you are happy to fly. For your weight I'm
      guessing a 12-14 would be the recommended general purpose size. Go for
      a 9 instead. It will work fine in moderate winds and you can keep it
      for high wind days when you get good.

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