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4804Seaspecs Sunglasses

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  • Andre Ethier
    May 10, 2004
      Hey guys,

      For years I've been looking for polarized sunglasses I
      can windsurf, kitesurf, fish, ski or snowboard with, I
      believe I've found the perfect sunglasses for all
      these activities, Seaspecs. I've ordered a large
      number to reduce the cost per pair and the shipping
      cost. They're a high quality product and with a strap
      securing them in place they can be worn for all sports
      with no worries. If you did loose them on the water,
      they float!

      They aren't sold in Canada so to order one pair costs
      69.95$US + 19.95$US shipping = (120$ CDN), I'm
      ordering a large number, so I can resell them for (90$
      CDN) here in Ottawa. Sorry but I'm not looking to
      ship these outside of Ottawa.

      Write me back if you're interested.

      Andre Ethier

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