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4802I've been windsurfing for over 2o years

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  • johne4fun
    Apr 26, 2004
      But that didn't prepare me for all the safety issues I needed to be
      aware of with big powerful traction kites for kitesurfing. When I got
      started they didn't have any kitesurfing schools. Now they do and it
      just makes a lot of good sense to take advantage of them. If speeding
      your learning curve, and reducing damage to gear arene't enough of a
      reason, consider, that your putting your life at risk, I know of few
      kiters that learn on the their own and didn't have a few lesson of
      hard knocks they wish that hadn't expereinced. Well I hope you will
      consider getting a lesson from a good instructor that is big on
      safety,and is commit to helping you learn quickly while staying safe.
      Happy riding best wishes.
      Keep it in the Fun Zone