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4784Re: cabrinha powerlock bar

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  • Chris Glazier
    Apr 4, 2004
      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, "shepster01"
      <shepjacieolly@a...> wrote:
      > Please will soneone tell me how to rig and set up this bar.
      > I am new to kitesurfing..

      The Cabrinha powerlock bar is like any other 4 line bar except it
      has the ability for you to lock the chicken loop in a fixed poition.
      I suggest you leave the lock clip off at first and don't use this
      feature. It should work fine with the North kite.

      Be sure all 4 lines are roughly equal length when the chicken loop
      and adjustment strap are set for maximum line length.

      Connect the center lines to the kites leading edge (with the
      bladder). Then connect the bar outside lines to the kites trailing
      edge tips.

      You may have to fix up the connections since the North uses
      male/female knots to prevent connecting the lines wrong. I am not
      sure if Cabrinha uses the same.

      Try to find an experienced kiter to check your setup before flying

      C Glazier
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