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4745Kitesurfing BANNED at Bondi, Sydney, Oz

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  • Steve McCormack
    Mar 1, 2004
      Hi Everyone,

      Kiting has been banned as of last Wednesday, at Bondi Beach. Please
      do not go out there, if you do your gear will be confiscated and you
      will be fined several hundred dollars, more if you ignore the

      On behalf of AKSA and the responsible kiters who are members of AKSA
      and who wear leashes, that would like to be able to kite there, I am
      in the process of having talks with the Waverly Council.

      Someone is out there now, this person ignored the warning of the
      Lifeguards, and is in serious trouble when he comes in.
      Please do not kite there while I am negotiating with council to
      regain access.
      This ban represents the first I know of in Oz and is a precedent that
      should concern all kiters.

      The trouble at Bondi was primarily caused a by a few people, all of
      whom have ignored the absolute sanctity "no surfcraft with in the
      flagged areas" rule, have abused lifeguards, even threatened
      lifeguards, cut off surfers to the point of fist fights, crashed
      kites on people on the beach and walkways, etc.
      These people are renowned for "Look at me" stupid behaviour, like
      jumping too close to other water users, the shore, other kiters,
      solid obstacles, boats, etc. This death wish, kooky selfish behaviour
      must stop, please voice your disgust to people who act this way,
      demand they stop it at your beach, or risk losing access!

      Please pass this info on to everyone you know especially tourists.

      If I am successful, in removing the ban strict conditions will apply,
      including being a member of AKSA, wearing a kite depowering leash
      (not suicide), reporting to the lifeguards every time, obeying the
      lifeguards at all times, and staying well clear of all other water
      users and the flags.

      Steve McCormack
      Assistant Secretary
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