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4707The amazing 2004 GlobeRider Lift 12m!

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  • Hung Vu
    Jan 31, 2004
      This kite is just amazing!

      It's stable (in flying and also in power distribution) yet very
      responsive! This kite gave me great comfort when jumping on snow/ice
      as it's always there when you need it when landing.

      I got 5' extra height with this kite than any other kites I have flown
      in the past (both LEIs and foils).

      I gave the kite to a local to try and he immediately got an extra 5'
      height with the kite (You can just stand there 10' from the guy and
      watch that his jumps just elevate to another level).

      Another local had used the same kite in 30 knots last week (we labeled
      him "crazy" but now after having tried the kite, I think he may not be
      that crazy after all)..

      This is the only 2004 kite I have flown this year so I hope that all
      other 2004 kites are as amazing as this kite.

      P.S., Many has said that after 2002, there are not much improvements in
      kite performance design. This statement does not seem to apply to the
      GlobeRider Lift 12.