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4661Re: Snowkiting!

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  • Petri Karjalainen
    Dec 31, 2003
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      Good guestion...

      Usually if its not too slippery I launch the kite, then land it using
      the brakes, and by while having the brakes on keep it down while
      putting the snowboard on. If the brakes are properly adjusted the
      kite will stay in ground ready to be launched. (When launching do
      remember fly the kite towards the edge of wind window first, unless
      you want to have a jump start directly downwind...) After a couple of
      rides try to use the kite power to get you up and riding - this will
      help you later with water starts.

      This "board off" procedure allows me to freely move to pump the kite
      up if the wind is very light for preinflation or manouver the kite in
      strong winds to adjust the depowering setting (I mainly ride closed
      foils from www.Boom-kites.com which have exellent depowering range
      due to the internal pressure of a closed foil).

      Only when the surface is very slippery I put the board on first. This
      is necessary to avoid sliding on the ice downwind ;-) just on "bare"
      shoes ...

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