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452Re: [ksurfschool] Hello Kitesurfers

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  • Tom Rolf
    Sep 15, 2000
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      Hey, at 59 this is the most fun I can remember (Alzheimer's). But if I only
      have five more good year kitesurfing, I'm going to be pissed.... I do not
      find this that difficult at 59, but I may never do an inverted 360....
      Technique, let the kite do the athlete moves.

      Steve Thorpe wrote:

      > Dana wrote:
      > > I've never felt the need to
      > > get involved in such a high tech, extreme sport before, but
      > > kitesurfing has gotten under my skin very quickly. Since I'm only 28
      > > I figure I still have at least 2 good athletic years left ;)
      > >
      > > Another future adrenaline junkie,
      > >
      > I know what you mean about it getting under your skin. But hey -
      > enough with the "..two good athletic years left"! ... I'm just taking up
      > this crazy sport at the age of 47. ( I've been learning the subtleties
      > of my recently acquired Seasmik Alpha 7.2 on dry land for a couple
      > of weeks now and my board arrived yesterday - Time to get wet! )
      > Steve
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