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449Hello Kitesurfers

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  • danaheller@hotmail.com
    Sep 15, 2000

      I just joined this group because I am interested in the sport, but I
      haven't tried it yet. I recently bought a 2m stunt trainer kite and
      am having a blast with it and am ready to dive headlong into the
      water, but after reading a bit of your comments I think I will take
      least a one day course in safety. I live in Seattle, WA. Can anyone
      recommend a school or instructor in this area (I know of one person
      who teaches Kitesurfing on the Columbia river), or alternatively in
      Northern California where I will be next week?

      Also, what would be a good kite to start with here. I think we have
      good medium to strong, steady winds, but the bluff where I practice
      also seems to be pretty gusty. If anyone has surfed in the Puget
      Sound I would love to here about your experiences.

      I have little or no experience surfing, water skiing, snowboarding,
      windsurfing or kite flying, but I am really getting the hang of the
      little stunt kite and am very athletic. I've never felt the need to
      get involved in such a high tech, extreme sport before, but
      kitesurfing has gotten under my skin very quickly. Since I'm only 28
      I figure I still have at least 2 good athletic years left ;)

      Another future adrenaline junkie,

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