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  • rakolowich
    Aug 21, 2003
      I just returned from Kauai and saw this sport in its purest form for
      the first time.
      Mind you I have seen people here in the Bay Area (S.F.) participating
      too. It
      looks fantastic. I want to learn this and become good at it. Here is
      my situation
      and what I would like is advice on how to begin this persuit:

      First of all I am 54 years old. 6'1" and 220 lbs. I am not a physical
      fitness nut
      but I am also not a couch potatoe. I fly kites (on the land). I have
      about 6-8
      kites that include 2 and 4 line stunt kites, parafoils and even a
      Revolution (my
      favorite). So I know the kite flying skills well. I have not tried
      any 'traction' kites
      but my parafoils are almost identical. When I was young I was an
      waterskier. I have never been very good at surfing but given the
      conditions I can have fun.

      So I live in the SF Bay Area where there is lots of sailboarding and
      as I
      mentioned I see kiteboarders too. What recommendations can you all
      give me
      on getting started in this sport? Is there a school here or ? I
      taught myself river
      kayaking from books and visualization ( blew my instructors mind that
      I was
      able to complete my roll the first time). I also would like to
      purchase some
      equipment. I don't stay in the learning to take baby steps role for
      very long but
      I also don't need the latest Ferrari either. So I would like to find
      a set of
      equipment that will allow me to learn but to also serve a fast
      learning curve in
      skill development. Used or new? Is the equipment aging or ? I
      seeing sailboarding take off. The first boards were like tanks
      compared to
      todays boards. If I buy used equipment how far back in time can you
      without being caught driving the latest Edsel?

      So to review:

      1. Learning process.
      2. Equipment
      3. Am I kidding myself at my age?

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