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4376Accident in Sydney yesterday

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  • Steve McCormack
    Aug 9 7:05 PM
      I do not have full details, but from what was relayed to me from a
      person who spoke to the ambulance staff, the person was badly
      concussed, had a suspected fractured wrist and leg.
      Not sure of exact details, but it seems a newbie who had one or two
      lessons last season, was teaching another novice.
      Wind was the dangerous, gusty South Westerlies, we tend to get at
      this time of the year. Winds were gusting to more than 70% of
      average, like 15/16 to 25/29 knots.
      They were flying an 8.0 Toro 1 I beleive.
      They were flying right alongside some dunes that were creating a lot
      of vertical lift or wind shear.
      Some how one of them managed to get dragged too close to the dunes,
      in a strong gust, as they got dragged up the dune, another gust
      lofted the rider right over the dunes landing heavily on the lower,
      other side.
      I have no details about the type of leash, or why they did not let

      There are some days in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, in fact right
      along the East Coast of Oz, where SW winds are notoriously gusty.
      The only other time I have been hurt kiting apart from a lofting in
      Botany Bay a few years ago, was in Geelong Victoria, in the same SW
      winds, when I had a big OBE (out of buggy experience) had to let go
      from approx 15'-20' in the air.

      Just stay home when the winds are gusting more than 40/50%, it is
      very dangerous to kite in these conditions.

      When the wind speed hitting a kite doubles, the power of the kite
      increases by approx 4 TIMES, think about that!

      You are not a hero if you kite in these conditions and survive, just
      very lucky!

      Cya and
      Steve McCormack