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4368Teaching/learning in very very light wind

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  • Hung Vu
    Aug 9, 2003
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      August is the worst month for us when 10 knots is like paradise.

      I have a number of students booked for august and simply can't teach due
      to the wind limitation.

      We went out today teaching/learning in average 6/8 knots with some
      "wonderful" gusts.

      We used a 16.6 Black Tip and it was not bad for the session but wished
      that we could have use something bigger (around 21+). I (around 125
      lbs) was doing OK with the 16.6 Black Tip but the student (around 180
      lbs) was somewhat underpowered.

      When the wind is under 10 knots, go big (for sure bigger than 16.6) even
      for teaching/learning.

      P.S., The 16.6 BT was doing great in such a like wind...

      P.P.S., We used the FOne 230 as it is one of the best boards for wind
      under 10 knots...

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