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4280Re: Very light wind kitesurfing

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  • vytaspass
    Jun 30, 2003
      Hi HV,

      We are getting better and better at stacking Peter Lynn ARCs here in
      Chicago for light wind riding. In winds 8-10, I can get overpowered
      stacking an 18 and 13m ARC together on 30m lines with 10m extensions.

      Today, I'm using a Slingshot LFT (little fat twin) board, which is
      only 167cm long, but its fat and floaty (and also 49cm wide).

      The width helps in planing a lot. Never seen a XXXL but may check it
      out one day.


      --- In ksurfschool@yahoogroups.com, Hung Vu <hungvu@n...> wrote:
      > Every year around this time, I start to rediscover very light wind
      > kitesurfing again.
      > Our summer wind is very light around 3 - 10 knots.
      > I went out today with a XXXL and FOne 230, cranking in wind under
      > knots and managed to make some jumps too (two other kiters rigged
      up 20m
      > inflatable but did not have a chance to go out).
      > I have used several different combinations in the past and the
      XXXL and
      > FOne 230 is an excellent combination for this very light wind.
      > The main reason I like the XXXL foil is that it is made of very
      > material (Icarex 38?) and lighter kites work better in very light
      > (I like to have an XXXXL but don't think they make one).
      > The main reason I like the FOne 230 is its ability to get planning
      > and sustain planning AMAP (As Much As Possible).
      > I have rigged the XXXL with a foil/sled system with 30m lines. This
      > system should allow me to use the XXXL from 5-6 up to 18 knots
      > end untested, just theory for now).
      > P.S. Very light wind kitesurfing (under 10 knots) should be a part
      > all kitesurfing competitions. Now a day, all bystanders normally
      > kitesurfing in moderate to strong wind as normal (and probably get
      > of all the twisted tricks) but are always amazed that some special
      > kitesurfers can go very fast and jump in wind less than 10 knots.
      > P.P.S. Very light wind kitesurfing is a lot of fun (one of the
      best part
      > is to answer all the questions when you get to the beach).
      > P.P.P.S. Jumping and controlling a board as large as the FONE 230
      > very challenging!
      > Hung.
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