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  • Rick Howe
    Jun 11, 2003
      I'm 65 - also windsurfed since '79. I love it - can't get enough - have 5 kites and 5 boards. Often kite 2 or 3 sessions a day. The adrenaline is tenfold more than windsurfing. Since it is lifting you, it is less strenuous. I've a ton of windsurfing equipment but rarely use - like when the wind is over 25mph. I live on the Gulf of Mexico and kiting in the waves is easier, more fun and much cheaper ( no broken equipment). And it takes less wind to plane.
      Advise - find a good instructor and take lessons. This sport can dangerous - especially at first. Things happen fast and if you have to think about what to do, it is probably too late. Take it slow - start with low winds and nibble at higher winds. I use wake style boards. Get at least 2 kites - a 12 sq. m. and a 18 - 20. Inflatable - Naish/Wipica type and low aspect at first is more forgiving. The state of the art video I think is "How to Rip".

      I race Hobie 20s in Panama City, Florida with a Scott Beach. Any relation? Where are you?
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      I have enjoyed and learned from all the information from
      these posts and have decided to take lessons and see for
      myself. I have been windsurfing for about 20 years and I
      am in good shape for my age (60). I would appreciate any
      comments from anyone with experience or exposure to someone
      my age taking up the sport and any precautions that may
      be advised.
      Bob Beach

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