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422NAISH KITES - 99.9% FULL OF S----

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  • mwrichards@hotmail.com
    Sep 2, 2000
      I just got the new kiteboarding magazine, Naish proudly advertises
      that kiteboarding is for 0.01% of the windsurfing population.

      Down here in San Diego, Naish only distributes their kites to a kite
      store in a 3 story shopping mall, with NO kitesurfers on staff. The
      kite store has no way to train people, or give them any advice
      because they don't kitesurf.

      When I wrote Naish Kites to complain, the local distributor called me
      and explained that he could not possibly distribute the kites through
      the local windsurfing store (with the only knolegable kitesurfer in
      town), because the windsurfing shop only had a small storefront and
      the rep wanted to sell to someone who could do a better job marketing
      the kites.

      Does this sound like Naish is following their ad: "Absolutely,
      Positively, the wrong sport for 99.9% of the world's population."?

      This is an issue of putting mass-marketing above kiting safety. Naish
      is too busy trying to sell kites to worry about the ramifications of
      distributing kites recklessly.

      When I went to the kite store and asked them about the problem, they
      said "Oh no, the people we sell kites to are perfectly safe, only one
      of them has gotten a ticket so far for crashing his kite near kids."

      The end result is that we are going to have some really good kite
      accidents in San Diego, because of untrained kitesurfers that buy
      their equipment from a store in the mall, and we are going to see a
      ban on kitesurfing in the area.
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