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4216Re: Children kitesurfing

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  • stuartdbenson
    Jun 3, 2003
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      Thanks for the replies to this post (and the similar one on the main
      kitesurf site). To clarify, my kid is 6, first got dragged by a foil
      stunt kite (which I'd set up on a kitesurf bar) at 3, gave it up for
      two years, but has now picked it up incredibly quickly to the extent
      he does his own tricks on the beach. Ke can keep it in the air
      indefinitely even in 15 mph winds - better than many adults. He
      wants to kitesurf (like his daddy!) but I am nervous about it. I
      wondered whether anyone else had relevant experience, assuming this
      would be enough to deter him. I think the answer is yes, I have got
      enough ammo to deter him for a while. To me the big issue is being
      able to swim comfortably out of danger, and being old and wise
      enough to know what danger is.

      I think the general consensus is right; six is too young. What the
      actual youngest reasonable age is I don't yet know and anyway it
      will vary from child to child. Frankly my experience of the beach is
      that there are still many "adults" to young to be doing this
      dangerous sport!

      To those who have suggested windsurfing, yes but even the kid rigs I
      have tried are too heavy for him at the moment. Some people have
      suggested wakeboarding; does anyone know how/where to get a
      wakeboard small and light enough?
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