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421Re: [ksurfschool] 2 line vs 4 line

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  • Martyn_Gilson-1@sbphrd.com
    Sep 1, 2000
      Another option is the F-ONE starter wing, about the same price and better
      quality. Even though there is no substitute for having a go yourself, the July
      Kitesurf magazine seem to rate it quite highly. I have used a 6.5M2 F-ONE foil
      (not the new starter wing) and in light winds with long lines it is hard to
      beat. Nice power and a wide wind window make it a good light wind option.

      Another slightly cheaper option is a blade 7.2M, I have not used one but this
      seems very powerful.
      Have a good weekend

      theraves@... on 02-Sep-2000 01:29

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      To: ksurfschool
      cc: (bcc: Martyn Gilson-1/DEV/PHRD/SB_PLC)
      Subject: Re: [ksurfschool] 2 line vs 4 line

      > > My question. I am seriously considering Naish 13.5 or 15.5. The
      > > more i read the more i hear bigger is better. Predominant wind seems
      > > to be about 8-10, maybe 12 mph sustained. Almost daily this is the
      > > condition, i have learned to track the wind sensors. Is teh 4 line
      > > that much more difficult?
      > No it's not difficult. In the big kites they are so stable it's a
      > 4 lines make a kite quicker turning and in smaller kite sizes this is bad.
      > The 15.5 would be MORE stable than your 2 line 9.0 Naish.
      > I have learned to launch my 2 line very
      > > easily even in light wind as described. How about water launching in
      > > lite wind like 8-10?
      > This will be your only learning obstacle. If you get instruction from
      > another AR5 kiter it will be easy for you. The AR5 requires some tips on
      > launching before you hit the water. Don't worry to much, just get some
      > from an AR5 kiter and you can do it.
      > > How much can you depower the 4 line? What percentage of power can i
      > > dump? equal the power of my 9.0? What is the realistic uper wind
      > > limit for a kite this size (13.5 - 15.5)? Keep the 9.0 or don't
      > > bother?
      > Around 20 mph. They have huge range. Get the 15.5.

      I gotta add my $0.02 since I just went through the same thing. 8-10 mph is
      truly light wind IMHO, same as we get in NE during summer doldrums. The
      15.5 is a light wind kite in the context of Maui, and the lightest wind
      inflatable. That does NOT make it a true light wind kite. I'm a little
      bigger than you with a smaller board, and that doesn't help, but there's NO
      WAY it's worthwhile for me to even set up the 15.5 in 8-10mph. If you want
      to get out in wind that low and come close to ripping you're gonna need a
      big foil, don't let anyone tell you different(unless they weigh under 120
      lbs or something like that).

      There was a thread in the other e-group about the 15.5 vs Mossie 9+, and the
      9+ is more powerful. So is the 7.5! What's the answer? I just got the
      Mossie 9+, and it REALLY IS the low wind solution. I'm going to post
      results on kitesurf list and reignite the issue.

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