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  • nhugroups
    May 23, 2003
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      Thanks all for replying to my questions about the Takoon 16.5m
      and kite sizing for my first LEI :).

      I'm comfortable flying my Frenzy 9.5m (open cell de-powerable
      foil) and crash only when there is not enough wind to landboard.
      I weigh 83kgs (going down to 75kg!) and plan to buy and fly my
      first LEI for light wind conditions in Canadian lakes and UK
      seaside - i.e. 8-18 knots (if a kite will span that) - not Maui :(.

      I started with a 7.3M Frenzy, but didn't really crack landboarding
      with it because I needed 14 knots before I could get going. In
      those winds the kite was all over the sky and I only ever got got
      the hang of it when (with knocking knees) I test drove the 12m
      Frenzy. Suddenly I was able to landboard and went out and
      bought the 9.5m straightaway. Things just happened more
      slowly and predictably with those bigger kites which
      paradoxically meant they were easier to learn to board on -
      providing I chose light wind days.

      Question 1: Is this likely to be the same scenario for learning
      with my first LEI?

      I agree with Hink that a larger LEI around 16m would give me the
      option of switching to my 9.5m Frenzy when the wind went above,
      say 15knots. I do appreciate the concern of others about not
      getting in over my head with a large first LEI. So I'd like to hear
      more from those kind peeps.

      Question 2: Perhaps these folks are lighter than me - or fly in
      conditions starting at 14 knots? I'm curious.

      Question 3: I'd like my first LEI to be suitable for 8-15 knots
      kitesurfing and one that could take me to an intermediate level
      with medium floaty jumps. Given all this - I'd appreciate opinions
      on specific kite and board sizes for my situation? Anymore ideas
      on the 16.5m Takoon?

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